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    Matt George 

    Matt George is a Peoria, Illinois-based writer, speaker and CEO of the Children’s Home Association of Illinois. He is also the former Executive Director of the Hult Center for Healthy Living and the former President and CEO of Youth Farm, which later merged with Children’s Home in 2007, under his leadership.

    In addition to his work at Children’s Home, Matt helps raise funds for local nonprofits, including Neighborhood House, The Hult Center for Healthy Living, Crimestoppers and more.

    When he’s not working to strengthen his community, Matt and his wife Laura enjoy spending time with their five children.

    Mission for All

    It’s our duty to open our hearts and to stand in the middle of that cycle. No matter who you are or what you do, the mission of changing lives and saving lives is a universal one. And the best part is everybody’s
    welcome to join.

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    Matt George

      • Mentor to professionals and leaders
      • Business Coach and trainer
      • John Maxwell Certified Coach and Trainer
      • 31 years as President/CEO/Director
      • Television Producer and Host “Business Forward”
      • Sales and Marketing Leadership
      • Contract Negotiations and Strategic Alliances.

      The nonprofit sector has a major branding issue.Seen as either poorly run charities looking for handouts or the pet projects of well-meaning, ineffectual civil servants, the world of the 501c3 is misunderstood, maligned and sometimes mismanaged. And Matt George is here to change the narrative.As the CEO of the Children’s Home Association of Illinois, a nonprofit leader facing the state’s most serious social ills, George draws his unorthodox philosophies straight from the frontlines. In Nonprofit Game Plan, he reveals the real story of nonprofits, the one no one talks about: they are the world’s best defense against the gnawing grind of social decay, poverty, homelessness and crime.Whether he’s breaking tennis world records, partnering with star athletes or making deals with Fortune 500 companies, George demystifies nonprofit management while inspiring a new generation to take up the mantle of social service. What emerges is a strong case that non-profits ought to run like businesses, not charities. Though it might ruffle some feathers, the message is a wake-up call that’s sure to radicalize the nonprofit world.For anyone who cares about making the world a better place, from volunteers to CEOs, Nonprofit Game Plan is a must-read that’s much more than just a how-to guide—it’s a gut-punch.

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    20 + years as CEO in Non Profit Business Management, Successful in Non Profit Mergers and Acquisitions, Professional Story Teller, Orchestrated over 250 Special Events, Have raised millions of dollars, Risk Management, Visionary Leadership, Public Relations and marketing, Brand, Strategic Planning, Human Resources, Finance and Budget,Project management

    Worked with many athletes and celebrities, including. Author Mark Owen, Comedian Jeff Foxworthy, Bears Coach Mike Ditka, Hall of Fame athletes Walter Payton, Ryne Sandberg, Andre Dawson, Lee Smith, Ozzie Smith, Lou Brock, Bob Gibson, and more.

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    The bottom line is that nonprofits are here to stay and social service works—but there are still changes to be made and work to be done. The question I would pose to every person who wants to get into social service and to every nonprofit executive reading
    this book is: Where do we go from here?

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