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The Nonprofit Game Plan: The Proven Strategy for Nonprofit Success

Amazon best seller, Nonprofit Game Plan delves into the structure behind leading a 501(c)3. It attempts to change the narrative of poorly run 501c charities looking for handouts and uses his unorthodox style and proven results to solidify the case that nonprofits should run like businesses not charities.


The Nonprofit Prophet

Thomas Matthews is a sixty-year-old businessman who devised nonprofit programs in over fifteen major cities during his life. Would a foiled kidnapping, and a selfless act by a homeless man, make his case? It is up to Thomas, the Nonprofit Prophet, to prove that one good deed means more than a check in the bank.


Starfish Among Us

Jeff Williams witnesses an act of a fellow student, Scott, and through his efforts to help, they become friends. Jeff discovers how poverty affects his friend, as well as so many others in his school. His grandfather has spent his entire life in community service and teaches Jeff that every act of kindness makes a difference—just like saving one starfish at a time

"In Matt's first book Nonprofit Game Plan, I said he was the Nonprofit CEO of our time. In his quest to make change for the better, he now takes on a more important title. He is now the Nonprofit Prophet."

Kevin Harrington

Original Shark on the hit TV show Shark Tank

"Matt George is a master in the NGO world by leading in a very business-oriented and collaborative way. He maximizes social impact in the community. Successful communities are the result of the best ROI in all sectors. Matt's leadership and lessons have greatly impacted the most underserved,"

Michelle Sullivan

Former President of the Caterpillar Foundation, and author of Looking Up

"Matt is the kind of leader you want to follow. He leads with his heart, never loses sight of the greatest outcome possible, and is more gracious than a busload of nuns. His care is the kind of benevolence that's rare and palpable.

I am glad to call him a friend and colleague."

David Brier

Bestselling author of Brand Intervention and world-renowned branding expert

"With "A Starfish Among Us", fellow Peoria native Matt George masterfully engages a new generation of aspirational leaders on their ability to lead with compassion, integrity, and a genuine desire to make a difference in the world. This book is a must-read for children and their parents in search of powerful lessons on impactful leadership and the potential for collective action to create stronger, more welcoming communities."

Nancy Brinker

Founder of Susan G. Komen and The Promise Fund of Florida

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Grassroots Movements: The Heartbeat of Change

October 02, 20232 min read

The term “grassroots” originated from the world of agriculture, where it referred to the fundamental level of growth, starting from the very base of a plant, the roots. In today’s society, “grassroots” has evolved to signify a bottom-up, community-driven approach to initiating and promoting change. It represents the collective power of ordinary individuals coming together to address local issues and effect positive transformation. 

They emanate from the very people who reside within a community, reflecting their aspirations and desires for a better future. These movements are organic, propelled by individuals who recognize the potential for positive change and are willing to roll up their sleeves and take action. Whether it’s beautifying a neighborhood park, organizing food drives, or advocating for social justice, grassroots movements thrive on the passion and determination of local residents.


In today’s world, even in small cities, the prevalence of crime has become a concerning reality. It’s a stark reminder that, as a society, we’re at risk of losing touch with what truly matters: taking care of one another. The nonprofit sector, which plays a vital role in addressing issues like homelessness and crime, finds itself in a near state of crisis as these problems continue to grow. Now, more than ever, we need every generation and every community to come together and initiate positive change. It’s a collective call to action to rekindle the spirit of compassion, community, and cooperation, focusing on the values that bind us and working together to create a safer, more caring society for everyone.


From being coined the “Nonprofit Prophet” by Kevin Harrington, an original shark on the hit TV show “Shark Tank,” to my upcoming book releases, my journey is taking a global turn. Embarking on a 60-day, nearly 50-city journey, this October I will set out to share my transformative message and lend a helping hand in as many communities as I can. My mission to Change Lives and Save Lives resonates from coast to coast, providing anyone who joins a chance to hear my powerful message firsthand. Join me on the Nonprofit Prophet: Change Lives Save Lives Tour and become a catalyst for transformation in your community. More information on the Nonprofit section of my website!


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