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  • Boston, MA Oct.13

  • Lowell, MA Oct.14

  • New York, NY Oct.15

  • East Brunswick, NJ Oct.16

  • Philadelphia, PA Oct.17

  • Washington, DC Oct.18

  • Pittsburgh, PA Oct.19

  • Rochester, NY Oct.20

  • Cleveland, OH Oct.23

  • Columbus, OH Oct.24

  • Cincinnati, OH Oct.25

  • Muncie, IN Oct.26

  • Indianapolis, IN Oct.27

  • Peoria, IL Oct.28

  • Peoria, IL Oct.29

  • Rockford, IL Oct.30

  • Milwaukee, WI Oct.31

  • Chicago, IL Nov.1

  • Peoria, IL Nov.2

  • Las Vegas, NV Nov.5

  • Las Vegas, NV Nov.6

  • Phoenix, AZ Nov.7

  • Scottsdale, AZ Nov.8

  • San Diego, CA Nov.9

  • Los Angeles, CA Nov.10

  • Wine Country, CA Nov.12

  • Wine Country, CA Nov.13

  • Portland, OR Nov.15

  • Seattle, WA Nov.16

  • Boise, ID Nov.17

  • Salt Lake City, UT Nov.18

  • Denver, CO Nov.20

  • Santa Fe, NM Nov.21

  • Houston, TX Nov.27

  • Austin, TX Nov.28

  • Dallas, TX Nov.29

  • Carbondale, IL Dec.1

  • Champaign, IL Dec.2

  • Nashville, TN Dec.4

  • Knoxville, TN Dec.5

  • Atlanta, GA Dec.6

  • Tallahassee, FL Dec.7

  • Tampa/ St. Pete, FL Dec.8

  • Orlando, FL Dec.9

  • Sarasota, FL Dec.12

  • Naples, FL Dec.13

  • Miami, FL Dec.14

  • Charlotte, NC Dec.17

  • Virginia Beach, VA Dec.18

About the Tour

Built upon Matt’s 30+ years of invaluable nonprofit involvement, this tour is a dynamic initiative that

aims to ignite a spark of change across the nation. Traveling through 50+ communities, the tour’s

mission is clear: to empower nonprofit leaders, social service advocates, and community heroes.

Through compelling speaking engagements, book signings, and hands-on community involvement,

Matt’s tour promises to drive inspiration and equip local leaders to make a lasting impact within their


From being coined the “Nonprofit Prophet” by Kevin Harrington, an original shark on the hit TV show

“Shark Tank,” to his upcoming book releases, Matt’s journey is taking a global turn. Embarking on a

60-day, nearly 50-city journey, Matt is set to share his transformative message and lend a helping

hand. His mission to Change Lives and Save Lives resonates from coast to coast, providing attendees

a chance to hear his powerful message firsthand. Join Matt on the Nonprofit Prophet: Change Lives

Save Lives Tour and become a catalyst for transformation in your community.