Starfish Among Us

Jeff Williams witnesses an act of bullying towards a fellow student, Scott, and through his efforts to help, they become friends. Jeff discovers how poverty affects his friend, as well as so many others in his school. His grandfather has spent his entire life in community service and teaches Jeff that every act of kindness makes a difference—just like saving one starfish at a time. Join Jeff and his sister Erica, along with their friends Scott and Summy as they rally support and engage their fellow students to make a difference in their community. Starfish Among Us is an inspiring story of how small efforts can achieve big results and, in the end, change people’s lives.

The Nonprofit Prophet

Thomas Matthews is a sixty-year-old businessman who devised nonprofit programs in over fifteen major cities during his life. After setting up the foundation for successful nonprofit entities outside of Tulsa, Thomas chooses to relocate to the outskirts of Chicago’s South Side because of a family tragedy that leaves his daughter and two grandchildren alone. Once in Chicago, Thomas continues to seek out the weakest links in the community as he has done in other areas. But Chicago proves to be his toughest challenge yet. Would a foiled kidnapping, and a selfless act by a homeless man, make his case? It is up to Thomas, the Nonprofit Prophet, to prove that one good deed means more than a check in the bank.