About Matt George

Who is Matt George

Matt George is a visionary leader of social change, an Amazon best-selling author
Nonprofit Game Plan, the TV Host of Business Forward, a Harvard Business School Executive Leadership Coach,

and the President of employeeInsite.

Matt served as a CEO/President in the nonprofit space for over thirty years. He has fearlessly taken on issues such as poverty,

homelessness, and crime, leveraging over three decades of frontline experience.

Coined as the Nonprofit Prophet by Kevin Harrington, Matt’s legacy rests on his unrelenting dedication to positive change.

His motto, “Change Lives and Save Lives Daily,” is more than words – it’s a call to action.

Matt’s Mission

Every Day There is an Opportunity to Change Lives and Save Lives

Known as the Nonprofit Prophet, Matt's message is simple yet revolutionary:
communities hold the power to uplift themselves. He preaches the vital concept of looking within, harnessing internal resources and strengths to drive positive change. Matt believes sharing his message to different communities around the globe can inspire leaders to make real, transformative change.

Learn more about how you can support Matt on his
Change Lives Save Lives Tour starting October 11th.

Matt’s Journey

Originally from Danville, Illinois, Matt George has embodied the mantra “all in, all the time” since an early

age. A pivotal moment in his commitment to community transformation came when he shattered a world

record for the longest time playing doubles tennis. This feat was not just about athletic prowess, but about

raising funds for a local community member in need. This was the act of selflessness that sparked his

journey into the world of nonprofit fundraising. Matt’s passion for creating positive change led him to

collaborate with his cousin and star football player, Jeff George, taking on a vital role in managing Jeff’s

foundation. This experience provided a platform to leverage their connections and influence for the greater good.

Making his way to where he now resides in Peoria, Illinois with his wife, Laura and five kids, Matt took over

the Hult Center for Healthy Living. Here, he continued to channel his energy into fostering healthier communities,

tapping into his resourcefulness and strategic thinking to drive impactful programs.

The pinnacle of Matt’s journey arrived with his role at the Children’s Home Association of Illinois. As CEO,

he embarked on a mission to tackle the state’s most pressing social challenges head-on. His leadership has

been instrumental in raising millions of dollars, a testament to his ability to mobilize resources through his

expansive network, including celebrity partnerships and his own fervent determination.


Read Reviews by Our Readers

"Matt George is a master in the NGO world by leading in a very business-oriented and collaborative way. He maximizes social impact in the community. Successful communities are the result of the best ROI in all sectors. Matt's leadership and lessons have greatly impacted the most underserved."

Michelle Sullivan

Former President of the Caterpillar Foundation, and author of Looking Up

"In Matt's first book Nonprofit Game Plan, I said he was the Nonprofit CEO of our time. In his quest to make change for the better, he now takes on a more important title. He is now the Nonprofit Prophet."

Kevin Harrington

Original Shark on the hit TV show Shark Tank

"Matt is the kind of leader you want to follow.

He leads with his heart, never loses sight of the

greatest outcome possible, and is more gracious

than a busload of nuns. His care is the kind of

benevolence that's rare and palpable.

I am glad to call him a friend and colleague."

David Brier

Bestselling author of Brand Intervention and world-renowned branding expert

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